Navigational Features

-> Yahoo Store Advanced Search
Yahoo search only does a search on code, name and caption areas. Our custom search can include brands, size range, colors, price range and more.
-> Dynamic Pagination - Basic
Do you have large number of products in a section? Auto split them into multiple pages.
-> Dynamic Pagination - Advanced
Auto split them into multiple pages as well as let customers sort them on name & price.
-> Dynamic Flyout (Cascading) Menu
Show the sub sections on the main navigation bar. Customers will be able to browse easily.
-> Floating Cart or Running Cart
Show the value of order on all the store pages. Can also be configured to display "Shipping is Free" if the order qualifies for Free Shipping.
-> Expanded Navigation
Show Main Categories as well as sub categories togethor on the side bar.
-> Show items in alphabetical order
Display your section items alphabetically. Can also be sorted by price or code
-> Breadcrumbs
Make it easier for your visitors to find the items. E.g Home >> Apparel >> Womens >> Casual
-> Multiple Breadcrumbs
Show more than one navigation trails if an item falls into more than one category.
-> Text Based Side Navigation Bar
Make the Left navigation bar more search engine friendly by turning it into text links. Plus as an added benefit, the page loads quickly.
-> Index with Orderable Items Only
Create an organized index page by filtering through your inventory and only displaying orderable items on your Yahoo Store's index page.
-> Related Items
Show related products on an item page. Increase average order value.
-> Categorized Site Map
Let your customers and the search engines use an organized list to find exactly what they are looking for.
-> Up - Back - Next Text Links
Allows customers to navigate through the item pages by just clicking Up - Next - Prev links.
-> Search for Similar Items
Just a click of a button will search for other similar items from the store
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