Marketing Features

-> Search Marketing Solutions
Let our Search Marketing Specialists handle all your ppc campaigns.
-> Highlight or Emphasize Product or section Page
Put icons on your items and mark them as "NEW" or "ON SALE"
-> Multiple Item Images
Display more than one item images.
-> Display Percent Saved
Show your Yahoo Store customers how much they save shopping at your Yahoo Store.
-> Send this Page to a Friend
Create a Viral Marketing Engine for your store
-> Print This Page
Allow your customers to share their favorite products from your Yahoo Store.
-> Shopping Cart Cookie Tester
Check your customer's browser to make sure they can shop at your Yahoo Store without any difficulties.
-> Options Pricing Fix
Prevent common confusion that comes with variable pricing on your Yahoo Store.
-> Custom Holiday Layouts
Create a custom layout for your Yahoo Store for any occasion or holiday.
-> Allow Customers To Rate/Review Your Products
Allow your customers to rate your products. Write a short review about your product, and/or leave a 1 thru 5 star rating.
-> Paypal Payment Button
Allow your customers to pay for your Yahoo Store products through Paypal.
-> Cross Sell / Featured Items
Automatically show your customers how much they have saved by shopping on your store.
-> Dynamically Rotating Items or Homepage Images
Showcase images of your Yahoo Store items.
-> Add new fields to Yahoo Item pages for Bizrate,, etc
Add extra fields like Manufacturer, UPC, Brand, Gender etc for better placement in comparison search engines.
-> Display Best Sellers
Show homepage specials on inner pages too.
-> Randomly Displayed Best Sellers
Rotate your products and keep the website content fresh.
-> Recently Viewed Items
Let customers choose the items they browsed previously quickly than getting lost on your store finding them again.
-> Secure Shopping Graphic
Let the customers feel confidence on your store.
-> Auto Suggest Cross Sell
Uses your Yahoo Store's history to generate suggested items to offer your Yahoo Store customers.
-> Randomly Displayed Testimonials
Let a review of a satisfied customer tell the future customer about the quality service provided by you.
-> Google Base Feeder Service for Yahoo Stores
Show your products to more searchers and convert them into buyers. List your items on the biggest search engine on the face of earth, Google and Google Base a.k.a Froogle Shopping. Your Yahoo Store items will show on the Google organic results pages and in the Google Base's own comparison search engine when you use our Google Base Feeder Service.
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