Layout Features

->Custom "Add to Cart" Button
Make your Cart Button stand out and help more conversions.
->Display "Out of Stock" on Unorderable Items
Avoid Customer Service calls by displaying "Out of Stock" on unorderable items.
->Custom Quantity Pricing Layout
If you offer quantity discounts, this upgrade will make it stand out more.
->Tabbed Information Box
Update the look of your Yahoo Store with tabbed boxes that present item information in a clear and organized way.
->Show MAP Pricing
Keep on selling the products at discounted prices without upsetting your suppliers.
->Force Option
This feature forces customers to select certain options before purchasing an item.
->Product Info Table
Display your item details in a better manner to make it easy to decide.
->Lightbox Image Viewer
Showcase item images in a sophisticated way that allows the item to stand out against a darkened backdrop.
->Move Order Button to Top
Increase sales by placing your Yahoo Store's order button at the top of the page, making it more accessible and appealing.
->"Click to Enlarge" Image
Show detailed images of the items without having the customer leave the item page.
-> Full Page Width Conversion
Enhance the look of your Yahoo Store by converting the width to the browser's capacity.
-> Show all Reduced Price items in one place
This will automatically pick the items on sale and puts them in one section page.
-> Custom Holiday Layouts
Create a custom layout for your Yahoo Store for any occasion or holiday.
-> Custom Checkout Pages to match the Store Design
Give it the same look as your store design. Customers will feel better.
-> Multiple Item Images
Display more than one item image to close make the customer decide faster.
-> Custom Favicon Installation
Enhance your Yahoo Store's branding by installing a favicon that displays your Yahoo Store's logo.
-> Printable Page
Help your customers to print out pages from your Yahoo Store.
-> Disable Right Click
Prevent your competitors from plagiarizing the content and images of your Yahoo Store.
-> Custom Option Display
Make it easier for your customers to choose the item variations.
->Multiple Add to Cart
Many items in a group can be ordered together.
->Shipping Estimate
Let customers know the shipping time and cost estimate before the checkout page. Reduce customer service calls.
->Eliminate Button Limit On Left Navigation Bar
Help your Yahoo Store grow by removing the button limit on your Yahoo Store's left navigation bar.
->Contact/Request Form Design
This will help your customers to contact you quickly regarding your services and products.
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