Allow Customers To Rate/Review Your Products

->Make your products popular by letting customers provide feedback
Yahoo Store Product ReviewsAllow your customers to rate & review your products. They will be able to write a short review about your product, and/or leave a 1 thru 5 star rating. No need to get the review in an email and then post it manually on the store.

Our system automates the whole system of product reviews by letting a special module take care of it. It utilizes advance RTML, CSS, MYSQL and PHP language to create a review system for your Yahoo Store.

Product ratings are shown on the item page thus adding that much needed content with rich relevant keywords. This in turns adds value to your store in Google and other search engines rankings.

Your customers can add new reviews either directly on the website or a link will be sent to them via email when they complete the order.

How does it work?
After reviews are submitted, you as a store owner recieve an email which notifies you. Then you have to log into the admin area and check out the review. If the review is acceptable you can approve it. Only approved Yahoo Store Product Reviews are placed on the item in question. You as an administrator can also edit the review and add your own links or words in it as additional remarks. Upon reviewing pending reviews, the administrator also has full edit access to the review, providing the opportunity to correct spelling and other inaccuracies. In addition to being able to approve or decline reviews, the admin screen also provides you with the a

Can I check the old product reviews?
Yes at any time, you can check the older reviews, edit them or delete them.

How are the reviews maintained?
There is no manual process in this whole system except to mark them as approved. The system automatically places them on the item in question using advance search engine friendly coding.

Is there any third party hosting involved?
This module can be installed on your Yahoo Store Merchant Solution account. All you need to do is to provide ftp access and access to the database. We will walk you on the whole process of granting the access.

Can I install it on the legacy store?
This module can be installed on any store using the store editor. We can not install it on the stores made using store tags. It can be installed on both the old and new carts.

Is there any annual fee?
No there is no other fee involved.

Does this come with the setup?
Yes the cost includes the setup and installation of this module on your Yahoo Store Editor.

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->Benefits of this RTML Upgrade
  • Promote your best selling products
  • Create a community
  • Customer feel better to buy when they see comments from other customers
  • Give your customers a choice to speak about the purchase they made on your store
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