Marketing Features

->Site Wide Property Addition and Updating
Add extra fields like Manufacturer, UPC, Brand, Gender etc for better placement in comparison search engines.

We can add properties to every item & section in your store, or you can provide a list of IDs and we can add the property to those specific items.

If you need data loaded in these new properties, just let us handle that. Just send us a file with the ids and the values of the new fields you want us to upload. All subsequent upload can be handled by you after we train you on that.

Please fill this form so that we can give you a quote. Normally the charges are $40 per field per 1000 items. But we do offer bulk discount if you have more fields to add and more items to manage.
->Benefits of this RTML Upgrade
  • Better placement on search engines.
  • Improves cpc/ctr on bizrate, etc
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