Social Media Marketing Services

->What is Social Media?
With the advent of the internet, marketing has entered a brand new frontier with endless potential for fostering fruitful business relationships. Social Media Marketing is at the forefront of the online movement, as creating links with online movers and shakers can result in a high search engine ranking, which can drive an incredible amount of traffic to your individual or business website. In addition, Social Bookmarking has heightened the effectiveness of online marketing by expanding the sphere of influence your website can effectively reach.

If navigated correctly, the online world of Social Networking sites can single-handedly grow your business or further your online goals. However, if poorly navigated, negative feedback from these same sites can put your business on the fast track to failure. Becoming educated on the fast-evolving world of Social Media Marketing is imperative to the health and prosperity of any modern day online venture.

Networking Websites

Linkedin is a prime example of how an online networking site can help you to achieve your personal or professional goals through contact with connected people in every nation of the world. When you join a network such as linkedin, you are led through a short registration process, wherein you are asked to define your company or personal networking goals.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can begin building your network of friends and professionals in many various personal and professional arenas. From this point, whenever you have a question about any online venture, service or product, you will be directed by linkedin to the contact on your list that can best answer your questions or point you in the right direction.


One of the most popular ways to utilize online social marketing is to blog. The term blog is short for web log, and serves to allow businesses and individuals alike to post information to the web as often as they like.

Blog hosting sites such as Technorati take the blogging phenomenon to the next level by allowing blog authors a primitive Social Bookmarking Service, which allows them to list and display their blog in a network-oriented forum. In essence, blog hosting sites such as Technorati allow businesses or individuals to whet the appetite or online surfers and drive traffic to their website if those same surfers would like more information. In addition, sites such as Technorati let you bookmark your favorite blogs and share them with your friends. Exponential growth of online traffic is possible through online blog sites, if you are willing to share helpful information with people and post to your blog regularly.

Social Bookmarking

One of the best grassroots methods of gaining exposure for your business or personal website is through social bookmarking. If your website can be bookmarked by at least one person in a social bookmarking site such as delicious, it has the potential to be found and discovered by every person that is part of the original bookmarker’s social network.

Social media marketing is all about increasing exposure and building links with other individuals and businesses within your field of interest. When you register with online bookmarking sites, you are basically creating and storing links to interesting websites (yours included!) and are then publishing your links, so that they can be of use to everyone else that is in your social network.

Social Sharing

Social media marketing is more about what you can do for your social network than what they can do for you. The rewards of your sharing come in the form of exposure and the creating of links to people in your field of interest. Social sharing sites such as Flickr and Youtube allow you to share photos and videos with the entire online world. If your photos or videos garner the interest of viewers, you can then point them to your own personal or business website. Again, by providing useful data to others, you are gaining valuable exposure and driving traffic to your own website.

Online Reputation Management

A company brand can be launched into wild success or plummeted into instant failure based on even just one positive or negative customer review placed on a popular blog or message board. Consumer generated media has such a significant effect on your company that a whole system of tracking and managing it has come into being. If you can catch negative online content quickly, you can spin it or bury it before it has a chance to damage your company reputation.

Blog search engines allow your company to search specifically for blogs that are generating content, which concerns your company or content. In addition, large search engines such as Google and Yahoo can send alerts directly to your email every time your company pops up in one of their online indexes. If negative content pops up about you on the internet, the best way to face it is head-on. Try to contact the disgruntled party to make amends or post comments on your website that directly address the issue. Companies can handle ORM themselves using these methods, or they can hire professional online image management teams to stay on top of things for them.

Avoiding Social Media Marketing Suicide

Social media marketing is completely different than modern marketing as we know it. If you arrive on the social networking scene and try to “take” from your audience, you will get nowhere. If you are there to GIVE something, you will have great success. Providing useful information, videos, photos, or other data or services to your viewers will cause them to want to engage with you, instead of clicking on to another website that has something to offer.

In addition, it is important that you take your time and build your social networking status slowly, and in a spirit of excellence. If you spread yourself all over the world wide web before you have a quality website, your reputation among viewers will be shot from the start. In addition, you would be wise to focus on one key location or networking site to build up a presence before moving on to the next one. This way, you can avoid spreading yourself too thin, which results in being virtually unnoticed by anyone.
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