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Social bookmarking may seem like something that people just do for fun, but this is far from true. Many businesses and companies use these link-sharing websites to generate traffic to their own websites efficiently. By sharing their links through these websites they can influence potential consumers for their products or services by directing them to interesting information or reviews and testimonials.

The History Of Social Bookmarking

Since 1996, internet users have been sharing links to their favorite websites using a search system that used tags on various link sharing websites. Over time the amount of users linking websites online and using similar tags created a vast listing that was organized in a very unique way. New social bookmarking, media, and networking sites are created frequently and depending on their popularity, their use as an advertising tool may be invaluable to a business or company looking to get traffic to their websites.

The Relevance Of Bookmarking In Marketing Strategy Today

As many more social bookmarking websites were then founded and internet marketers realized the importance of advertising through these link-sharing websites. It is more common today that people are adept to share interesting information, media, music and general entertainment through the use of link-sharing websites. It is the main form of internet marketing that is the most natural and unique.

Social Bookmarking Top Sites

There are many websites dedicated to bookmark link sharing. The best ones that are known today follow a trend that allows maximum exposure consistently and provide long lasting results. Here is a list of the top ten sites:,,,,,,,,, and

The Search Engine Optimization value of these sites are very important towards keeping your site high ranking within search engines. SEO marketing requires strong back links to create sufficient traffic to any website marketed through social bookmarking. These services become an invaluable resource that cannot be overlooked for anyone wishing to gain natural organic traffic.

The Pits And Falls Of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking makes it easy to share your website with the world. It is also very difficult to maintain the amount of traffic a website obtains through link sharing as they become stagnant over time and drop down in ranking. Too many links at one time may bring the ranking of a website on a search engine index dramatically. You may get some traffic that is not interested in your products or services.

Social Bookmarking Vs Buying Links

Social bookmarking is a great source of traffic as link buying only provides limited exposure. Link bookmarking allows people to search out your site naturally over time and the process can be renewed many times over. Purchasing links requires money and you risk buying those links in low traffic websites and niches.

The Top 5 Things To Avoid When Bookmarking For SEO

1. Having unnatural looking links to the intended sites as it makes less people click them.
2. Too many links too quickly, as it may make your ranking fall with various search engines.
3. Using keywords that do not match and are unrelated to the target website.
4. Linking to old content on a page, as people want to know about new content.
5. That the link used to direct traffic to the site does not trackback to the bookmarking site.
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