Yahoo Store Google Analytics Setup

->Learn how your customers navigate on your website!
Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.

Are you tired of spending $$$ on website traffic tracking services and then find out the data is of no big use? Try Google Analytics Now! You will love the way it presents your website data

We can now integrate Google Analytics into your Yahoo Store. Here is why you will find Google Analytics useful:

Google Analytics Account is Free
However we charge a one-time setup fee of $149 to integrate your Yahoo Store pages and trhe checkout with it

Power of Google provides you very sophisticated analytics
Know which keyword is converting more. Use it with Google Adwords and improve conversions on your ppc ads

Google Analytics is easy to understand
Even a web novice can easily learn different traffic quickly

Track every click to your Yahoo Store
Google Analytics tracks all of your campaigns. Email newsletter, ppc campaigns, keyword marketing, affiliate marketing regardless of search engine or referral source.

Safe & Secure
Google hosts this service on its secure fast servers. So you can be assured of no downtime or dataloss.

We will integrate in such a way that you will know where the customer enters your store, browse which pages, which page is most visited, which pages cause the most exits, which page of checkout - shopping cart, shipping, billing or review leads to cart abandoning.

$149 is one-time for Installation. Google Analytics account is totally free.

Service Code#:
$149 for Installation and Integration
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