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->Google Adwords™ Manager
Are you experience disappointing results with your adwords campaigns?
Are you spending all of your daily budget wothout getting the results you would like to see? Does your campaign lag behind just because you don't have enough time to manage it?
->Let RTMLWise handle your Google Adwords™ Campaigns!
Get your Google Adwords™ campaign on fast track by working close with Google Adwords™ experts. We understand the working of effective search engine marketing and our experienced adwords campaign team makes it easy for businesses to capitalize on the 200 million+ searches per day performed by people using search engines to find products, services and information. As your partner, our goal is to help your Web site attain the maximum number of qualified visitors at the least possible cost. We take care of everything for you and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service available.

We are extremely focussed on getting our clients exactly what they want from Google AdWords. Whether it be an increase of better quality traffic for the same existing budget, or be it cutting your costs whilst keeping the original decent flow of traffic & clicks.

Here's what we'll do for you to kickstart your Google Adwords account:

  • Discover high value, low cost keyword phrases specific to your site
  • Develop a profitable bid campaign to maximize your ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Write and test ad titles and descriptions that attract highly qualified, targeted visitors
  • Improve Adwords click through ratio (CTR) which in turn lowers your cost per click.
  • Select the best landing page for each keyword and/or make suggestions for new landing pages or modifications
  • Manually monitor your ad campaign and make necessary adjustments to your ads and bids to improve your return on investment
  • Make suggestions to improve your sales conversion rates, average order size, and repeat sales (lifetime value)
  • Make sure you never pay more than necessary to maintain your preferred position for each keyword
  • Analyze your tracking and conversion data, if available, to quickly weed out unproductive keyword phrases and ads

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