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->Datafeed Submission Service

Many merchants submit their product feeds to the comparison engines as infrequently as once or twice per month. Others only submit as often as they make changes to their product listings on their website. As a best practice, we recommend daily feed uploads to the shopping engines, whether there are changes or not.

Many comparison engines make it a part of their search algorithm to look for the "freshness" or recency of the feed. Product listings that are updated every day are treated favorably in search results. Thus, even a feed that has remained unchanged from one day to the next is better off re-submitted the following day.

Aside from the search algorithms, the discipline of daily submissions is also a best practice. The product's price, stock status, or other attributes will change frequently and haphazard uploading schedules can cause a busy merchant to forget to update the engines with accurate information. If a product is described differently on a landing page than on a comparison engine, the inconsistency will make a negative impact on conversion rates.

Daily submissions are not always easy to facilitate for a retailer managing multiple product feeds.

This is a monthly service & you will be billed every month on the due date. Your billing cycle starts when you click on the "Add to Basket" Button below.

Service Code#:
$75 per month upto 4 feeds
->Features and Benefits
  • Maximum 4 Shopping Engines - Google, Bing, theFind, CJ, Nextag, Pricegrabber, Shareasale etc. Contact us for your mix of engines
  • Unlimited Products - unlimited products per storer monthly
  • Automatic - no feeder software or templates to install, upgrade, or maintain
  • Reliable - submission technology in use since early 2003
  • Custom Exclusion - customize products to exclude from submission. Just let us know.
  • Duplicate Exclusion - exclude duplicates when submitting multiple stores
  • URL Conversion - convert URLs to your official domain name
  • Options - product options are submitted in the description
  • Publication Date Detection - submissions skipped when your store data has not changed
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