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->Custom 404 Error Page for Yahoo! Store
Everyone's encountered the frustrating 404 error page. You follow a link, looking forward to the joy waiting for you on the other side, when BAM! you get an error because the page you were looking for doesn't exist. Maybe it was moved, maybe it was never there in the first place, but the fact is you're left sitting there with an unhelpful error message and nowhere to go.

A good 404 page will help your visitors find what they are looking for by providing links back to your home page, or even containing a search box. We will build your custom 404 error page keeping in mind the best solution for your store. We prefer having the search box placed on the page so that the customer can find for the product he came looking for.

Template Code#:
->Benefits of this RTML Upgrade
  • Eliminates confusion when a page does not exist
  • Lets customers quickly search for a similar product or category
->Example Sites
Super Hero Toys
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