Navigation Features

->Categorized Site Map
A categorized site map makes navigation easy, whether you have visited the store once, or many times. The Yahoo Store index page is unfriendly and not good for optimization. Its best to have a link to a page which contains all your main links on your yahoo store. These links can be sections and sub sections with items contained under those sections. It is good for customers as they spot the item or category easily. And much better for the search engines crawlers like Google or Yahoo who crawl for the links on your yahoo store and then pick the important information from them.

We will build a dynamic Site Map designed specifically for search engines, link of which will be placed on the bottom of each page in your yahoo store.

Template Code#:
->Benefits of this RTML Upgrade
  • Replaces the default unusable alphabetical list
  • Helps the search engines crawl your store more easily
  • Customers can find the products easily
  • Can be easily configured to contain the main links
->Example Sites
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